About Me



First of all, thanks a ton for your time! I’m Eivine Renny, an engineer turned writer. I’m based in Kerala, India; God’s Own Country, and proud to be a Malayalee. I completed B.Tech civil engineering and did an MBA in marketing and HR. Still, my mind used to wander away and search for something that seemed amiss. I finally realised that it is my long lost passion for writing that was the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my life. So, I reached out to that missing piece and fitted it. That made my life complete and solved the puzzle!

This blog, Musings Of My Soul, as the name itself indicates is about the musings of my inner soul. It can be happiness, pain, love, etc. Emotions cannot be given a perfect name every time! whatever I feel, I pen it down through words, stories, poems or random scribblings. It started of as a sort of solace for me in my bad times, energy booster for me when I feel down and a friend to share my happiness and concerns. But, later it became my dream platform where I jot down poems and stories about just anything under the sun! If you love reading and writing, then please do take a look at my blogs. You can find blogs that inspire you, pull you up from pits of depression, share your feelings, speak about motherhood, speak about social issues and much more! You can also find short stories that are pure works of fiction. Don’t forget to like, follow and post your valuable comments. Please feel free to share your opinions. Would love to hear it!

Currently I work as a creative content writer and also as a freelance writer. I’m also a proud mom of two little kiddos, who are my sole inspiration to live, love, write and enjoy life. I also love cooking and experimenting with recipes. You can find my cooking tales on my Instagram account

Happy Reading!