Soul Stirring Pathways!

beautiful-image-hd-desktop-beautiful-sun-set-hd-wallpaper-unique-delightful-design-natural-pic-hdAs the crescent rays wrap up my battered soul in an enduring embrace,

As the starlit sky gushes at me with sparkles that spells eternity,

As the silvery folios dance to the tunes of serenity,

As the breeze that entangles my mane whiffs of blooming florets,

The tranquility of silence takes over my soul!

I marvel at its enchanting ecstasy

Speechless and spellbound at its enticing beauty

I tread the path less chosen,

I tread the path of sublime ecstasy

I tread the path that leads to the unknown,

The terrain that glistens in the melodious brooks,

The woodlands that whisper sweet nothings,

The blossoms that bloom in mesmerizing allure,

The feathered Venus that serenades harmonically,

And, there I stumble upon my inamorato!



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