Windy Ride!

a02d03a01afa19720a22cc3dbc17407eAs the wild and breezy wind gushes over my pensive soul,

I slip and slide into a moment of tranquility!

As the gushing waves cups my slivered soul,

I unquestionably shut my lucarne to the world outside!

As the moments of tranquility prevails stirring the pensive soul,

I lean forward in the alluring enchantment of windy waves!

As the rushes of splendor engulf me in ecstasy,

the melodies of windy castles cavort my recalcitrant mane!

As I leisurely peep open the eyes of enchantments,

Piceous wild blue yonder gushes back at me with wondrous sparkles!

As I trail off in the tranquility of scintillating starlets,

Beams of pearly hues snuggles my battered mnemonics!

As I gaze back at the vaults of heaven,

chartreuse folioles turn into chestnut parapluie shielding my contended soul!

As the roadside effulgence glitters and glows,

I realize realities are inevitable!

  • Being someone who loves to stick my head out of my ride and catch the breeze gazing up at the stars above and beams of the moon which engulfs my soul, this poem is dedicated to all those starlit nights I stuck my head outside the windows and soaked in the pitch black skies above!


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