Beauteous Bloom!

flowers wallpaper nature rose desktop background redA beauteous bud cups her soul;

Undeterred by the rampaging winds;

Undeterred by the rushing waves;

Undeterred by the buzzing bees;

Undeterred by the showering rains;

Undeterred by the butterfly’s quaver;

Undeterred by the benumbed snow blankets;

And, then the celestial sphere turns azureous!

Warm golden rays of Aubade basks her!

Wraps her up in amiable embrace!

The undeterred soul wakes up!

Unfurling her pulchritudinous petals;

Blooming in a bewitching charm;

Captivating the milieu with her fragrance;

Bedazzling in an aura of allure;

Smiling at the amber rays that embosom her!


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