It Pains!

wp1850714She crouched  into a bundle of woes

The pain was too much for her to bear!

She shut her ears close

The demons shouted inside her head at the loudest of their voices!

She twisted and turned,

Unable to face the world!

She questioned herself too much,

Unable to find the answers.

The pangs of pain shot inside her,

Like bullets that pierced into her body,

Breaking her tissues, bones and every single cell!

A hot stream of blood engulfed her soul,

She gasped around to find solace.

She yearned for a heart that understood her,

But found no one, no where!

Wait! It is time to face the world again!

She gathered up her broken and crumbled pieces,

Fixed her mask that smiles and laughs,

Ensured it is fixed tight,

And stepped outside!


Depression-  A growing issue in this small world. It is time to lend a helping hand. It is time to realise that not everyone who smiles is exactly happy. It is time to realise that not everyone who laughs out loud is joyous. They might be crying hard inside themselves, not knowing why they feel that way in the first place. They might be partying hard, yet alone and desolate on the insides. They might be questioning their existence when they appear to be confident in front of others. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold! Let us learn to look beyond the masks each of us wear. You, me, everyone. All of us have worn a mask at least in some point of your life. Be it to pretend not being lured by the sight of droool-worthy dish or to hide our exasperation when our toddler has a meltdown in the super market. Remember how tough was it for us to wear that mask for just a matter of seconds. Now, consider these people who has to wear this mask every single day of their life. Is it easy? Never!

Be patient. Talk to them with love. They deserve it. Help them, be it for something as small as listening to them narrate an incident. It may be small for you. But it maybe a huge thing for them to know that someone out there is willing to listen. Let us start by being kind to anyone and everyone around us. We know not the battles they fight everyday. We know not the demons that carve into their bones everyday. Stop assuming from what you see from outside. Stop judging a book by its cover. Try delving deep into the pages and stop for a moment to think. Let us stop judging and start loving. Let us start by being kind! Sometimes, someone somewhere might feel a whole lot relieved by just a kind word from you. You may not realise it. But, yes, it does make an impact. Every small word counts! Every helping hand counts! Every listening ear counts!

Dedicated to someone I met today. I hope I helped you. I will continue helping you.









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