Bubbles Of Life!

soap-bubbles-2882599_960_720The bubbles of life!

Some are large and colourful;

Some are small and dainty;

Some break away too soon!

Some stays along a bit more;

Some promises to stay near;

But fades away into the unknown!

Some comes larger than you expect;

But bursts off earlier than you expect!

Some hides a rainbow inside;

Only to be discovered too late!

Some rises up in the sky;

Too far for you to reach!

Some comes too near;

But bursts away when you touch!

Some tries to come near;

But is carried away by the wind!

Try running behind the bubbles,

You will fall short behind!

Try catching it on your fingertips;

It will burst off into infinity!

Try realising the fact that;

These are all bubbles;

That will either fade, burst or be carried away!

Live your life with these bubbles;

Expecting Less,

Doing More!

Burst the bubbles that bothers you!

They do not deserve to be there!

Cherish the bubbles that loves you!

They are here only for the moment!

Identify the bubbles that fades away!

Do not try attaching them with strings!

They will fade for sure!

Promise the bubbles that gets carried away

By the merciless winds;

That you will forever remember them!
















2 Comments Add yours

  1. Roshna Ikbal says:

    This one is for life ❤️


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