Quotes I Learnt From My Life!


We all google up for quotes. We read and reread the quotes of famous personalities. We stare in wonder at the brilliance of their quotes and copy it on our display pictures and cover pictures. But, life is the best teacher we can ever have! Have you ever thought of quoting from any of your life experiences?Yes! They may not be as perfect as the ones quoted by eminent personalities. But they can be good for you. They can serve as chapters of lessons you learned from your own life! So, here are some of the quotes I live by, quotes I learned from my life. It may have resemblance with some quotes you have read. But as it says in the beginning part of a film screening, it is not intentional on my part! I’m not copying anyone’s quotes. These are just some lessons I learnt. Of course many others may also have learnt the same lesson and quoted it better. But, this is my chapters, my lessons, my way!

Sometimes you have to tell it! Not wait for it to be understood!

This is one big lesson we all should learn! Sometimes we have to express our emotions. If you love someone, go ahead and tell it! If you are angry at someone, please go ahead and tell that too! Many miscommunications and misunderstandings happen just because we thought “Oh! It is understood, I don’t need to tell it!” . Yes, feelings are often understood without telling it in words, but it is not so always! There are many relations that broke just because one refrained from telling the other how much the other person means for them. We are all ruled by our egos and we sometimes refrain from telling a person we love the most that they are indeed loved the most! Sometimes, the other person end up feeling unwanted and dejected without understanding that they are loved! The same causes miscommunications in relations too. We end up believing something and break relations. Later, we realise what we had thought was wrong! Why wait for such misunderstandings? Go talk your heart out, even if it is a person you see everyday! Also, even if it is understood, it always feels special to know you are loved! The same goes true for anger too. If you are angry at a person, go speak to that person itself instead of badmouthing about them to others. Who knows, they might have their side of story to explain and you might also end up understanding that they are not as bad as you thought?

Never Depend Too Much On Anyone!

This is a harsh truth we all have to accept and learn! No matter how much you love a person and no matter how much you trust that they will always be there to take care of you, things may not work as you believe! There can be circumstances where you will have to exist on your own! The reasons can be many. Even the most unexpected person can choose to walk out of your life one fine day! It is not easy and I know that. But, still life has to go on! We have to gather up the broken pieces and start life afresh. When you do so, you must not stare around helplessly to an outside world not knowing what to do and how to do! Learn to be independent even when you are dependent on your loved ones. Tell them, ‘ let me try doing this myself!’ Believe me, it will help you in the long run!

Appreciate What You Have Before You Realise It Was The Most Valuable Asset !

We all fail to appreciate what we have. We are always taking count of the things we don’t have. We have more complaints and less appreciation. Even I was like that. But, later I realised that God has given me too much, and it is not right to keep complaining again! There will be millions around you who would dream of getting a life like you! If you are healthy, have 2 hands, 2 feet, eyes, ears, legs and a roof above you, then you are lucky! Yes! Just think about all those who don’t even have that! If you have a talent to sing, dance, draw or anything of that sort, then appreciate it! Not many are gifted with inborn talents! If you have people who love you, then appreciate them, their love, their care and their presence in your life! Never take anything in life for granted! Life is too short to take anything for granted! Later, you will end up repenting it!

Only You Are Responsible For Your Life! If You Don’t Like Something, Get Up And Do Everything Possible To Change It!

I guess there are many quotes on the same topic but still, this is one lesson I also learnt from my life. Never blame your fate for everything! Take a moment to think of people who fought their illness, personal issues, handicaps and various other problems to emerge victorious! If they can do it, then you can also do it! Nothing is impossible if you have the will power and confidence to aim for it and achieve it. If there is something in your life that you detest, be it a personal relation, a job, or anything that you hate, stop then and there! Get up and do all you can to change it. Take decisions that makes you happy. There is no point making everyone else happy and suffering life long. After all, you only have one life. You are the one who can decide how you should live it! Let the society talk behind your back, let your friends call you silly, let them be! Believe in your dreams and work towards it! The accolades will follow!

Love Yourself, Respect Yourself!

Most of us tend to devote our whole life for others. In the hustle and bustle to keep up commitments and keep everyone happy, we tend to ignore the grieving heart inside us! Never do that! Always love yourself and respect yourself. Never allow anyone to insult or disrespect you, whoever the person maybe! If a near one constantly keeps insulting you and hurting you, then maybe it is time you reconsider that relation. Such relations are toxic. It only keeps hurting you and push you deep into pits of depression. It is not to be selfish. It is about respecting yourself and loving yourself. Never allow any person to mistreat you. Never cry and ask yourself why a person mistreats you. Instead, ask yourself why you let them mistreat you like this? Never let them do that to you! You deserve better! Everyone does! No one is inferior! Even if you have less education, less financial assets, less relations, less power, still no one has the right to disrespect you and hurt you! Each and every human being is equal and has the same self respect be it the king or pauper!

Follow Your Passion! No Matter What The World Says!

Yes! Always do what you love. Ultimately that is what makes you happy. Never fall prey for societal obligations, relationship constraints and the constant feeling that, “what will others say?” Let others say whatever they want! You cannot shut the mouths. But you can follow your passion and succeed! When you succeed, take a look back! All those who had criticised you would be pouring praises on you! So, never let others stop you from following your passion. Your passion counts. That is what makes you who you are. That is your identity. Never lose your identity for the sake of others.

Forgive Others! Not Because They Deserve It, But Because You Deserve Better!

Yes, there are people who must have hurt you like hell. There are people who spoiled your life. There are people whom you can never forgive. But, still try to forgive them. It is not because they deserve it. It is because, the hate can burden your soul. It can make you depressed. It can spoil your day. It can weigh you down. So, for the sake of your own wellbeing, forgive them! It makes our heart light. Let karma take its own course. We do not need to give it back to them. If we do that, then there is no difference between them and us!

Also, even though you should forgive them, never ever forget the lesson you learnt from that experience. Never trust them again and give them the place they had in your heart back. There are more chances that they will hurt you even more. Also, lessons learnt from such experiences will help you to be cautious in future and never let such incidents repeat. Forgive, but never forget the lesson your learnt from it!

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  1. Roshna Ikbal says:

    Perfect!! m glad to see ur writing after some time πŸ€— And yes a very fine set of lessons…. everythng to the point…. I think m gonna come back n read it each time I feel low n need to be reminded of these. ☺️😊


    1. Thanks darling.. πŸ™‚


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