What Is True Love? Bubble Bursted!


0117bubbleLove! The most hyped word, be it through novels, films, videos, plays and much more! Teenage life often revolves around this word! People go crazy over this four letter word! Some are so much in love with the concept of love itself! Just switch on the television, almost all ads you see will be based on this concept. Try this new shampoo- you get love! Try this new fairness cream-you get love! Try this soap- you get love! Try this detergent-you get love! The heights of idiocracy I must say! In some way or the other, all these ads, film songs and you tube videos gives us a wrong image of love! We tend to start believing in all those rosy tales of love! Girls might start imagining that a knight in shining armour is gonna come and sweep them off feet and guys may start believing that a pretty girl with blushing cheeks, long hair, who dances well, sings well and adores them is gonna come!

Reality Check!

No! All those things you see in films are overrated guys! Sorry to break the bubble! True love is not a girl running around trees with her shawl flying in the wind! True love is not a girl who is good at almost anything-dancing, singing, cooking and what not! True love is not a guy who keeps pouring you gifts! True love is not in a costly diamond ring! True love is not in exotic trips! True love is not running around in icy cold snow wearing just a skimpy pink saree (Try it once! You will end up with flu, cold and fever the next day! ) True love is not a girl/ boy who keeps hugging you and kissing you all day long! True love is not that dears!

What Is True Love?

Ok! So, what is true love? You might ask! Or maybe you all might already know the answer! But, since I started writing this, I might as well tell! 🙂 True love is hidden in little things! Yes! You heard it right! It is not hidden in extravagant shows! It is those little things that matter! True love is when you help your wife when she is tired, without even asking or making a big deal about it! True love is when you watch your hubby’s favourite football match with him and cheers for his team even when you don’t know anything about football! True love is when you pull up the bed sheets and cover your wife when she is sleeping. True love is the little kisses you give each other when hurrying to respective offices.

The Little Things Matter!

True love is when you stay patient when your wife goes for shopping and takes much more time to choose her dress! True love is when you understand that your hubby is stressed out due to work schedules and deadlines! True love is when you silently console him when he seems to be stressed! True love is when you hold and console your tired and worn out wife after she has been managing the kids whole day! True love is all those little things that are perfectly normal! True love is all those little things you do for each other without making a big deal out of it!

Give Space!

True love when you give each other space! Yes! All of us need some alone time! Maybe to think, to read a book, to spend time with friends or maybe to just sleep! True love is when you don’t crib about the time your partner went out for a trip with his/her friends! You need not always be together in everything you do! You are two individuals with different likes and interests! Let them be! Respect each others likes! It only helps you both to grow in love!

Be Yourself!

True love need not be a diamond jewel he gifts you! True love can be your favourite snack he gets for you when you crave for it the most! Yes! Those little things matter the most! Those little things are the true love! When you can freely be yourself in front of your partner, then that is love! If your partner loves you even when your hair is a mess and you are dressed in the most baggy pajamas, then that is love! After all, who looks all made up with layers of makeup and perfectly done hair other than in those films? If you feel comfortable to be yourself without being conscious about it, then you have found your true love! If you keep concerned about your looks, your hair, your dress, etc. then it is just infatuation!

Encourage Each Other!

If your partner is passionate about something, be it a talent or a job, do you encourage him/her to pursue it? If, yes, then it is true love! You may not be sure about the possibilities, but you trust your partner’s abilities and encourage them! Trust me, your words of encouragement can do the magic! Support each other and encourage each other to do what they love the most! If you do what you love, then obviously you will be happier and that will reflect on your relationship!

No One Is Perfect!

Yes! We all have our own shortcomings! No one is perfect! If you both are able to accept each other as who you are, complete with all the bad habits, bad manners and whatever character issues or physical shortcomings you have, then you have found your true love!

So, guys, do you do those little things for your partners? Then you have the perfect love story! Forget the rosy tales depicted in films! And for my little bros and sisters who are yet to find love, look for a partner who does the little things for you! It matters the most in the long run!

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