Excuses We All Make!

Excuses! A very common way used to escape from any situation! We all tend to make mistakes. We all tend to get lazy! We all have our insecurities. We are not perfect! So, what do we do to cover up all those pitfalls in our character? We make excuses! We all are guilty of it! I’m not excluding me! I’m also guilty of making excuses to escape from my mother’s scoldings or my teacher’s beatings when I was a kid. I’m also guilty of making excuses even after I grew up. I used excuses to cover up my mistakes and my insecurities. But, later I realized that it is the biggest mistake we all do!

We are pulling ourselves down with each excuse we make! We are making our mistakes look like,” it isn’t a big deal!” using our excuses! We are stepping away from success and going towards failure with each excuse we make! So, guys! It is time we stop this! Let us for a change, admit that, yes, I made a mistake! I will correct it! Believe me! It will only help you succeed in future! Let us face our insecurities and not run away from it using the backdrop of excuses!

Let us take a look at some of the common excuses we all make!

I’m Not Educated!

No! I’m not saying that you need not study! Education is a must for all of us! It helps us to learn and achieve more! But, if by any chance, you were not able to study much, what will you do? Will you keep excusing yourself the whole life that I’m not educated enough! So I have to keep suffering and will never have any success? Please, don’t do so! I know many people who do that, and it always pains me when I see them suffering for no fault of theirs. Let the reason you are not educated enough be anything! Your parents might not have been able to afford your studies; maybe you were not good at studies or maybe any other reason due to your circumstances. Whatever be it, past is past! There is no point brooding over what could have been done! Start thinking what can be done!

If you are not academically brilliant, there will be other fields you are good at doing. Take a moment and think! What am I good at? Please don’t start again; I’m not good at anything! Believe me! All of us are special in one way or the other! You might be good at drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, or might have any other artistic talents! Distinguish that hidden talent inside you and use it! Learn more about it! Use it and make it your profession! The world cannot grow with just engineers and doctors! The world also needs sports personalities, dancers, chefs, teachers, nurses, bakers, artists and so on! We all together make the world beautiful!

So, don’t hold back together and live in the mercy of others just because you are not educated. You still have a world of opportunities knocking at your doorsteps! Also, if you are willing to study, you can still study! There is no age bar to acquire knowledge!

I’m Too Old Or Too Young!

Age is just a number! Let it remain on your birth certificate! Use it while filling forms! There is no need to think about it otherwise! You are never too old or too young to learn or do anything! Many people have turned their life around at an age considered as too old to do anything. Do you need examples? We all eat KFC chicken, right? Take a moment to read the story of KFC’s Colonel Sanders! He faced major setbacks all through his life and found KFC only when he was retired and fed up with his life. He was a billionaire at the age of eighty-eight! There are many other similar examples! So, do you still think you are too old to make a change in your life?

I’m Not Experienced Enough!

Experience! How does one get it? Only when one takes the guts to do a thing for the first time and then continue doing it. Right? So, even the most experienced people had a day when they did it for the first time! So, why should you excuse yourself by saying that you are not experienced enough? If you don’t have the experience, get up and start doing it! You will soon have the experience you need!

If you need an example of someone who did exceptionally well without any previous experience, look nowhere else! Look at your mother! Taking care of a small baby is no small thing! I know that very well as I’m also a mother! I have been belittled at the mere thought of taking a baby in my arms. Still, when I became a mother, even though I fumbled up in the beginning, I soon learned it faster than I ever imagined! Yes! Every girl who laughs around with her friends and enjoys her carefree life soon makes a U-turn and becomes a responsible mother suddenly! With no previous experience!

I Don’t Have Time!

Another common excuse we all use daily! And this excuse is one of the major reasons for spoiling relationships! It causes cracks in relationships be it between friends, spouses or siblings! Take a deep breath! We all have just one life! Do you need to always go to monetary benefits or keep scrolling the social media websites? No! Please take a break from the virtual world and take a look at the real world in front of you! Give your social networking sites a short break and take time to interact with the social life in which you live and breathe! That itself will give you more time!

Also, time always depends on your priorities! If you consider a person or a matter as a priority, then you will always have time for them, no matter how busy you are. Take a ten minutes break to play with your kid and pamper him/her! It won’t make you lose your job! Will it? Spend some time to talk with your spouse! It won’t break your project deadlines! Life is too short! So slow down and enjoy it as you move ahead! Don’t put your near and dear ones on a waiting list and give priority to your job alone! One day you will repent not spending enough time with your dear ones when they needed it the most! Your kids need you when they are small! If you had not given enough time to your baby when they were small, then you cannot complain that they are not giving you enough time when you have turned old!

I’m Not Rich!

Yes! We all think that the rich have it easy! But do we take a look at their thoughts, stress and other issues they go through? We only notice the glamour and fame! We often fail to notice their problems. Also, they must have toiled hard to be where they are now! So, never consider that you are too poor to achieve anything. Many people have made a transition from rags to riches due to their hard work, efforts, and perseverance. If they can do it, why can’t you do it? It is not how much money you have! It is how you make use of the little money you have! That is what makes the difference!

Take a moment and think of all the excuses you make often. Let us take a break from those excuses, and make new opportunities to grow and prosper. Let us not take refuge behind an excuse and tell, “It is my fate!”. Let us rewrite those fates and live life in the best way possible. Let us take time to appreciate the little blessings we have. Let us not forget that we need to enjoy life and count our blessings too! Let us not rush it too fast and forget to live, love and laugh!

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