When I Realised That My Son Has 2 Mothers!


We were this small and happy family, me, my hubby and 2 year old little daughter..my pretty angel filled up my life with love and laughter.. that is when we started thinking about another baby..our daughter will have someone to play with and we will have one more baby to fill our lives with double the love! Soon i got pregnant and had the most horrible vomiting saga..i was vomiting day and night and always on drips..unable to take care of my daughter, i was immediately shifted to my parents home..there my mother used to take care of my daughter Whereas i was almost bedridden with vomiting and drips..my little girl was very sad that her mom was not playing with her, pampering her or even talking with her! But she also saw that i was very sick and so she didn’t complain much..she just used to come and hug me lying beside me..i was engulfed with guilt and remorse as i was not taking care of her and though unintentionally, was hurting her little soul..but she stayed by me and adjusted..she didn’t complain much..she just peeped through the doors and if i was awake, hugged me and kissed me..

Soon, the vomiting saga stopped and i started to gain strength.. so i decided to make up for all those days i didn’t even play with her or simply listen to her nonstop chatter..we pampered her and i made sure i gave her top priority.. my little girl was also very happy to get all the attention back from her mom..

Soon, i gave birth to a cute boy..he was so little.. hands so little, with tiny feet, tiny eyes, nose and lips..i remember the day she saw him..she just looked at him and didn’t say anything..we were worried whether she will feel left out or sad as another baby had come to our lives..so we gave her extra love and attention so that she understands the love we have for her is for a lifetime or maybe beyond that..

She was a little jealous of her little brother still as she just didn’t like another baby sitting in her mother’s lap..but she got adjusted to him sooner than we thought..maybe bacause we always made sure she was given attention and love..she started loving her little brother and was caring for him..she used to get his diapers, clothes, powder puff and all those little things he needs..she was the perfect responsible sister!

One day my son was sleeping on the bed and i was outside doing the laundry works..my son woke up and cried.. as i was outside in the balcony, i didn’t hear him..he started rolling on the bed..that is when i heard the cries and my girl’s frantic calls..i rushed inside..what i saw inside melted my heart! My son had reached the edge of the bed..one roll more and he might have fallen down..my daughter, who understood the situation, yet was not able to take him in her arms as she was too little to do so, she did what she could do..she just laid down on the edge of the bed and stopped him from falling! My son was happy to feel her beside him and had stopped crying..he was lying happy and content beside her! My eyes welled up with tears of happiness to see that sight..the moment she saw me, she started scolding me..mom..where were you? What if baby fell down? You are so irresponsible! That day i realised my son has 2 mothers indeed!

Later, my daughter was the one who pampered my son the most..she played with him, gave water to him, gave food to him, used to even change his nappies when he wetted it..often i was left in awe seeing the love and care of a little girl for her brother..now, both have grown..my son is now 2 years old and daughter is 5 years old..still she gets all responsible and motherly when it comes to matters related to her brother..otherwise she is just like any normal 5 year old girl..chattering nonstop and playing around with her friends..

My son is now the most pampered one in the family with 2 mothers to take care of him! He and his sister do have those daily fights over a piece of paper, a broken crayon piece or whatever they find! Always both want the same thing and fight with each other..πŸ˜‚ still, Both love each other to the moon and back..

If he does anything naughty, and me or my husband start scolding him..his sister rushes to his rescue like a Supergirl and shields him..she then gets angry back at us saying..don’t you know he is a baby..it is ok baby..sister is here! 😁😁

When i get tired trying to feed him food and gives up, she takes the food plate and makes him eat the food somehow by pampering him with kisses, hugs and toys..

If he falls down and hurts his leg, she rushes to him first and kisses little legs and makes it right!

Recently, during summer holidays, she decided to stay back at her native place for one week so that she could play with her cousin brothers..me, my hubby and son returned back home without her..it was the first time my son was staying without her..the first 2 days went by without much problems..i guess he just thought that maybe she went to school.. but after 2 nights without his sister, he started getting sad..he became very moody and even cried at night asking me, “i want sister”.. soon he got fever and no medicine seemed to work! He was eating less and even started vomiting.. we also got really concerned as none of the medications seemed to work..soon my daughter returned back home and the moment he saw her..he was so happy! His eyes lit up and he hugged his sister like eternity! She too was very happy to see him! Soon, all his fever and vomiting all faded away without the need of any medicines..he just needed his sister..she was able to do what every medicine couldn’t do..the next day, he didn’t even allow me to touch his food plate..he hugged her and said..i want sister!😍 she fed him and kissed him..he was again back to the naughty, energetic and happy baby!

This incident further made us realise how these two are inseparable and that my son indeed had 2 mothers! 😍❀

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  1. Roshna Ikbal says:

    😍 I was reminded of a similar incident in which my bro got sad and sick when he was a baby when I went to stay at my friend’s place. Beautiful ❀️


    1. Yes..the relationship between siblings is so beautiful..❀

      Liked by 1 person

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