Asifa..A Pretty Flower..Withered Away!


Asifa..she was a pretty flower..I don’t know her..but being a mother of a five year old girl I can imagine how she looked..she must be the precious baby of her mother, naughty girl of her father. She must have been the girl with stars in her eyes, the eyes that glinted with curiosity and laugh! She must have been the naughty girl who giggled away with her friends. She must have been running around her place giggling and laughing out loud just the day before she was abducted!

India, the country which speaks of diversity in cultures and religions. India, the country which speaks about unity in diversity. What happened to that India we all respected and believed in? How can a mother sleep soundly when all she hears are news of little girls being raped? Little girls, who doesn’t even know what sex is, who doesn’t even know what lust is, who doesn’t even know about their private parts, who doesn’t know anything else other than to play, to laugh, to smile and to love! I know not, I fail to understand how a man feels lust when he sees such a little girl! My senses go numb to even think about it!


Asifa, she was a little girl. She probably didn’t know what is to be a muslim or hindu. I remember my girl asking me once, what is hindu Amma? I just told her, just like we go to churches to pray, some people choose temples to pray. That is the only difference baby. Ultimately we are all praying to the God above and that is only what matters! Church, temple or mosque, just the place changes! But no! Here people are killing each other in the name of religion, questioning the right to eat food in the name of religion, questioning freedom to live life in terms of religion and last but not the least, raping a little girl inside a temple for eight long days in the name of “religion”!

If your religion teaches you and asks you to rape a little girl for eight long days, then please give it another name! Please give that God another name! That is not the religion and God I grew up learning and being proud of ! No!

I studied in a school with students from various states all over India. We even had foreigners studying here. Maybe because ICSE schools were not the common on those days, kids coming from other states usually took admission in our school. I studied and played with kids from Tamilnadu, Kerala, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bangalore and much more. I don’t even remember actually as I never bothered about it! There were kids from multiple religions in our school. There were hindus, christians, muslims, Jains, to name a few!

Still no one ever bothered about religion, no one ever asked ‘what is your religion?’ No one bothered about it actually! I wonder why the world has changed drastically from that innocence now?Or maybe, it was better to be kids who never bothered about religions and stuff! It is far better to be bothered about toys and colour pencils than be bothered about religion! I guess adults can learn a lesson or two from the kids!


They say they raped a woman because she was dressed provocatively. They say they raped because of “circumstances”! They say they raped because she dared to venture out in the dark. They have many more excuses to justify their part! So what is your excuse here? Did this little girl dress “provocatively”? Did she “dare” to go out at night? What did that little soul do other than being born in a religion different from you? How is that even her fault? What do you aim to prove from this? Whom should we rely on when police officials and temple authorities themselves involve in such cruelty? Is Justice dead in this country? Is unity dead in this country? Is compassion dead in this country? Are your eyes so blind that you cannot recognise a little girl and understand her pain?

How could you do it to her? You might be deafer than the deafest if her cries didn’t break your heart! You must be blinder than the blindest if her innocent face didn’t haunt you! You might not be humans , nor even animals, they are much better! You might be some creatures with the most disgusting name if you thought what you did is justifiable in the name of religion, in the name of God! How could you tell that “Let me rape her one last time before I kill her?” How, how, how??

Asifa, I hang my head in shame to acknowledge that you lived in my country, I hang my head in shame to know that the so-called people who are supposed to protect law did this to you! I hang my head in shame to know that the so called spiritual gurus did this to you! I hang my head in shame to know that they found you so “sexy” that it took 8 long days to quench their lust! I hang my head in shame to know that they decided to rape you one last time before they killed you by banging a stone in your little head! I hang my head in shame and shudder in fear when I remember that I also have a little girl! I hang my head in shame when I see people out on protest with national flags in their hands demanding “justice” for the people who molested and killed you! I hang my head in shame when I see women in that group! Are they not mothers? Do they not have daughters? Are they not fathers? brothers? or even a friend? Are they all blinded by the so called religion so much so that they forget your plight?

I HANG MY HEAD IN SHAME ASIFA! You didn’t deserve this!

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  1. Sakshi Bhatnagar says:

    Whenever I hear such heinous crimes I wonder why such reckless creatures are even alive in the first place……. These psychos who don’t even spare little girls for their sexual lust are roaming freely and we as public are busy fighting for religion!!! What an incredible country!


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