My little little boy!

My little little boy

He is so little

He is so tiny

He is such a sweetheart

He always clutches onto his mom..

He is such a sensitive compassionate soul..

Just look at him angrily, he bursts into tears..

He is the naughtiest kid around..

The wall putty of my house is gone..

He tried his scraping techniques there..

The electric conduits are gone

He tore it off with his tiny fingers..

The walls of my house is a mess..

He did his art lessons there..

The white tiles of my house looks like a rainbow splash..

He tried his hands at painting there..

One moment you leave him alone..

You find him scraping the paint on walls..

Or hiding behind curtains..

With a naughty grin all over his face!

Beware when you step inside my house..

You will be greeted with flying toys and plates..

God knows how long will our television last..

Leave him for a minute with others..

He always finds a way to come back to his mom..

He is such a tender heart..

You can’t help but hug him tight..

The naughty grin saves him from his mother’s wrath..

When all he does is destruction..

Don’t you dare touch his food plate..

You are sure to be kicked off your chair..

But try asking him..

The loving soul shares his plate..

Just ask him who made the mess..

He hides behind chairs..

And peeps outside with a wide smile..

That smile can melt the hardest rocks..

He is such a cutie pie..

He is my little little boy..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Roshna Ikbal says:

    Naughty boy πŸ˜…


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