My Girl!

She is not the pink pink girl

She is the pink, blue, black,red, yellow and brown girl

She never sits with her legs prim and proper

Instead, she just jumps up and down and doesn’t even bother about what proper means!

She doesn’t talk in hush hush tones

She talks loud even in churches and catches the glare of priests!

She doesn’t like learning to dance classical moves

She might try doing hip hop maybe..

She doesn’t give all her toys to her brother..

She fights tooth and nail with him and claims her favourite toy!

She doesn’t love learning arts and stuff

She loves learning maths and numbers

She doesn’t sit and sob in a corner..

She clutches her hands, grits her teeth and attacks!

She doesn’t know how to keep mum!

She chatters nonstop!

She loves being a girl

She always tells me she is proud to be a girl..

She dreams of riding cars and aeroplane’s..

She promises me that she will take care of us and her brother..

She loves hugging her mother while sleeping..

And fights with her brother every night to get to sleep near her mother..

She asks a million doubts each and every day

We call her “question bank!”

She is my pretty girl and i love her for being herself!

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