The Path To Acceptance! The Path To Fulfilment!

Acceptance..a word well heard, used on an everyday basis..yet less understood! Just take a moment to you accept yourself the way you are? Do you accept others the way they are? Most of us struggle to accept things as it is! But acceptance is the one and only path to fulfilment of our lives..

Accept Others!

Do you accept your friends, your partner, your kids the way they are? If yes, good! You are on the right path! If not, take a moment to ponder! It is said that no two persons are alike..even identical twins who look exactly the same with not even a mole to differentiate between each other will have two different characters! Each has their own individuality and personality. We often tend to believe that what we believe and do is the only right thing or right way of doing it. We often tend to judge others. Read about it at Stop Judging!

This wrong idea makes us to keep on correcting others. We often think, hey, why he/she does that ? I better correct him/her! No! Let them be! If you really love a person, you have to accept them as they are..with all their flaws, with all their bad manners, with all their silliness! That is what makes a relation special. Loving a person who is so perfect is not a big deal. Loving a person with all their flaws, accepting them as who they are is the perfect definition of love.

When it comes to choosing your partner, always choose a partner who loves you for who you are, who accepts all your mistakes and still keep loving you. Love the one who asks you “what happened? is anything wrong?” when you behave prim and proper! Never ever choose a person who keeps on constantly correcting you and dictate you how to behave, how to sit, how to stand and so on! They are not ready to accept you for who you are..that is why they keep correcting you always..

But that doesn’t mean that you should disregard a person just because he/she told you that you are doing wrong. Real friends correct their loved ones when they do a mistake. Accept it and try to correct yourself. Sometimes we tend to believe we are too good and don’t realise we are making mistakes. In such a situation, we do need a friend or partner who accepts us and still corrects our mistakes.

Accept Yourself!

Some people are too insecure of themselves. They tend to believe that they are no good at all! I have some friends who keep saying, I’m a fool, I don’t know anything, I’m no good! etc. Why? No one here is a fool or good for nothing person. We all are special. We all have our own abilities. Just because your friend is good in maths and you are not good in solving mathematical problems, it doesn’t mean that you are any less! It is just that you have some other talent. You may be good at drawing or singing or anything else! So, never ever compare! Accept yourself as who you are! You may not have the talents of your friends or relatives. But you may have other talents which none of them have! And that talent makes you special!

When you accept yourself, you start treading the path to fulfilment of your life. You have to realise your positives, your talents and your abilities. Then you have to work towards betterment of those positives in you, Never try to be someone else. Always try to be a better version of yourself. That helps you achieve your dreams. You can Reach For The Stars if you believe in yourself and accept yourself!

Accept Your Child

Even when you become a parent, never compare your kids with other’s kids..Accept your child as who they are! Your kid may not be smart like your neighbour’s kid, but he/she may have many other talents those kids don’t have. People often tend to tag the smartest and the most extrovert kids as the best. Never do that. Some kids may not have much social skills, but they may be good at many other things. Social skills can be easily developed. But your child’s confidence levels cannot be easily developed if you keep comparing him/her with others! They lose their confidence and retreats into a cocoon becoming even more introverts. So, keep encouraging your kids. Each and every life on this earth is special. Never compare a diamond with a ruby! Both are beautiful in their own ways!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sakshi Bhatnagar says:

    Such a nice writeup. These are the mistakes all of us tend to commit in our daily routine unknowingly. The key to happiness lies in nothing but acceptance.


    1. Yes dear..thanks a lot for reading..


  2. Sukanya says:

    That is very good write up. Accepting yourself as you are leads you to accept others. Sel acceptance is he stepping stone, I guess!


    1. True..first we should accept ourselves..then we can also accept others..❤


  3. Ree-lancer says:

    Acceptance; the most basic and fundamental thing you can do to bring yourself peace & happiness. Expressed beautifully😊


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