The Smiling Door- Secret To Happy Family!

We often underestimate the power of a smile! A smile can do wonders! A genuine loving smile can melt the heart of millions all over the world. It is the universal language known by can solve quarrels and miscommunications easily without much explanations..but yet, in the hustle and bustle of life we forget to smile! We just fake smiles to take selfies and post on social media. We forget to smile genuinely to someone who matters the most!

So, how does a simple smile make family bonds stronger? How does it help to make families to happy families you get to see in films and stories? That is the magic of a smile!The only effort you need to put is to just smile lovingly and genuinely.

Here is a common scene that occurs everyday at every home..the husband or wife or maybe both returning home after a long day at work. Obviously they would be tired, stressed out, maybe pissed off by a colleague or boss at work..When they finally reach home, if the partner opens the door with an equally grumpy expression, what would be situation? As they proceed inside they hear continuous complaints, nagging and maybe even have to bear the anger of the partner for being late..Just stop for a moment and think in their shoes. They reach the home tired and stressed.. and they get greeted with an even more stressful situation! Naturally, they loss their cool and it usually ends up in a heated argument!

The Smiling Door

Here is where the concept of smiling door finds its prominence..maybe you had a bad day too..maybe the kids were difficult to handle..maybe there were many other issues..but just push aside those problems and greet your partner with a smiling face as they enter the home! It instils a positive energy inside the house.. After they enter the house, you can just talk casually, maybe have a cup of tea together and relax. Now you can bring up the problems you need to discuss with your partner. Believe me..he/she will be more than willing to listen to those and solve won’t end up in heated arguments or quarrels!

The same is the case with kids too. We often have a misconception that kids never have anything to worry about. They have it so easy! But the things you consider as silly and less important maybe the most important thing for a five year old..priorities changes!

When your child returns back from school, they are also tired after a long day at school..greet them with a smiling door, hug them and feed them food or drinks they love..make them feel at ease and then inquire about their day at school..i have often seen some parents questioning their kids as soon as they reach back home after exams..they will be was exam? Did you make any mistake? Show me the question paper..and they will start scolding the child even before they had a chance to change their uniform and eat some food..why?Exam is already can’t go back and correct their papers.. then why do you cause so much stress to your little one? Ever thought of this? The marks may be important.. but the child and his/her happiness is more important!

Hence, the secret to every happy family is the “Smiling Door”.. try it!

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  1. Sakshi Bhatnagar says:

    Indeed a lovely and true to life writeup….. Every time me and my husband get to see each other after a long tiring day, a simple smile wears away all our fatigue and frustation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dear..yes! Sometimes a simple smile does wonders!


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