The Bittersweet Path To Motherhood

Being a mother is the greatest blessing a woman can ever get. I was once this carefree, live the moment type of girl who had a lot of friends and loved to bunk classes and watch films. Days flew by and i soon finished college and started working. Years went by and i got married. Still, there wasn’t much change in me as a person..i was still the same old carefree girl.

Then one fine day, i knew i was going to be a mother. It was a moment of mixed emotions. I was happy, surprised and also tensed.Me?Mother? That is a huge responsibility! Will i be able to handle it? I didn’t even know how to take a baby in my arms. Since i was a single child i had never seen the growth of any baby up close. Of course, i had many cousins. But o just met them once in a while for vacations. I never dared to take my baby cousins in my arms as i always felt they were too small and too fragile. What if i lost balance and dropped them? What if the baby cried? So, i always avoided taking a baby by all means.

The days of pregnancy were hard. I had this terrible morning or should i say 24 hour sickness! Yes! I was vomiting all through the day and night. I survived with the help of drips for the first 4 months of pregnancy. There were days i wondered whether i could make it. But those days also made me understand i was stronger than i thought to be. Even all those fatigue, vomiting and sickness could not stop me. I still dreamt of my baby and rejoiced as she kicked my tummy. She was growing inside me! It was a great feeling. She used to move and kick when she heard my sound. She used to thump her head when she heard the sound of music from the tv. My little one was growing!

Soon i became a mom. My pretty girl, my angel was born! I stared at her in disbelief.. how on earth something so cute and beautiful grew up inside me! The wonder of motherhood is indeed the biggest wonder in this whole world!

The initial days were a real struggle. I didn’t know how to feed the baby, how to change her diapers, how to calm the crying baby, i literally knew nothing! The nagging relatives and constant comments about everything right from her hair, her lips, her was like some relatives were trying to find fault with each and every aspect of my little one. An emotionally and physically drained mother feels even more depressed when she hears such comments. All she needs is some support and a kind word! But sadly, no one does that! Thankfully my mom and hubby stood by me like a rock and helped me. If they had been so supportive, i might have gone insane!

Slowly but surely, i started to learn how to manage my little one. I learned to hold her. I still remember that moment. I took her in my arms and walked to the next room. It was a moment of joy and pride for this new mom. I cried out in happiness.. look mom..i learnt to carry her. I know how to support her head and back! Some years later when i visited my best friend when she had a baby, i took the baby and went outside to show the little one to my hubby. When i returned inside to her room, she was staring at me with a look of appreciation. When i asked her what happened, she told me, here i’m struggling to hold my baby and do not even know how to hold her. Wheareas, you took her and walked off so easily! I smiled and hugged her, saying, trust me i know this feeling. Even i had gone through this stage. It is nothing to worry. We learn to do things faster than we think!

Yes, a woman becomes a mother, becomes responsible to take care of her babies and easily manages home, kids and official commitments within a matter of a few months. It is just the beginning blues. It just fades away and you soon become the master expert! Now i singlehandedly manages two kids, aged 5 and 2, manage the household works and also official commitments. Now, i rarely have time to be that carefree young girl. But i’m not complaining! I have 2 precious gems to be proud of!

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  1. Roshna Ikbal says:

    Wow… truly women are amazing the way they adapt to everything… and motherhood is something Iam scared of but also admire … I guess I will turn out ok… but now I would like to be this carefree girl 🤗


    1. will turn out to be a great mother in future.. all of us turns out to be matter what!☺☺


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