Stop Judging!

Yes, we humans often have that common tendency to judge others. We might not be perfect, we might be even more flawed than them. Still, we keep judging others. We simply assume their situations without knowing even one percent of the mental or physical trauma a person is in! We are often too quick to judge! Isn’t it?

No One Is Perfect!

Can you tell that you are perfect without even a minute flaw? I guess not! Nobody is perfect in this world. We all have our own flaws. We all make mistakes. Some learn from those mistakes and correct it. Some fail to learn the lessons and keep repeating the mistakes. Anyways, we all do make mistakes? Right? Then why do you judge another person when they make a mistake? Are they anything lesser or greater than you? No! At the end of the day, we all are humans, be it any caste, creed, religion, age or colour. So, why judge them? They are also prone to make mistakes just like us. If you can close a blind eye at your mistakes, then you can forgive and forget another one’s mistakes too.

Don’t Rush It!

I have often observed that people are too quick to judge. So, you see this lady across the road. You just saw her a moment before. You don’t know anything about her! But you come up with a page long story about her. You start judging her dress, her looks, her skin colour, the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she takes care of her kids and what not! Why? You don’t even know this person and still you keep judging her? Why? Please..please stop it! She deserves her freedom to do things she likes just like you deserve your’s! Would you like it if someone keep judging you and poking their nose in all your matters? I guess not! Then stop doing it to others too!

Let Them Be!

Ok! Now you may argue that you know this certain person very well, know all their living conditions, family, personal lives, etc. And, you don’t like what he/she is doing in her life. So you keep judging him/her. Why? No! Still you don’t have the right to judge him/her. Let them be! It is their life, their priorities, their likes, their dislikes! You can never force them to act according to your wishes. They are not puppets to dance according to your wishes. It is said that even a small child has his/her own individuality, personality, opinions, likes and dislikes. Respect it! Give respect and take respect!

Stop judging mothers, wives, women, men, fathers, husbands, colleagues and even small kids. They have their own battles to fight and win. Let them be! Maturity starts with respecting another person’s opinions and likes even when it contradicts yours!

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  1. Roshna Ikbal says:

    This is something I would like to shout out to the world too… well said chechi πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚


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