Reach For The Stars!

When was the last time you told yourself, ” Yes, I’m the best?” Probably never, right? Or maybe you used to say that when you were younger and more confident about yourself and your abilities. Right? Yes! Most of us are like that. We often fail to appreciate ourselves. We often fail to tell ourselves, ” Yes, you are doing good!” I must say that we all are often too hard on ourselves. We tend to turn a blind eye on our dear ones mistakes. But we keep brooding over even a single fault of ourselves. Why? Please, please don’t do it! Appreciate yourself and cherish yourself!

FLY(First Love Yourself)

No, I’m not asking you to be selfish. It is a totally different scenario. Here the point is to love yourself. Do things you love. Mothers, it is totally okay to devour a juicy chicken piece before giving it to the family! You need not always wait for the leftover bones. You deserve more! This is one of the common mistakes done by mothers. Everyone says that a mother’s love is selfless. It is true.

I being a mother myself really do know how far we can go for a smile on that little face. But still, you need to take care of yourselves too momma.. Don’t lose yourself in the rushing waves of life..strutting behind each and every matters of the house, your spouse and kids..mothers often end up forgetting about themselves. They often look like a mess. Hair tied up in a mess, not even bothering to change their clothes strewn over with curry gravy, baby poop and what not!

Some mothers even sacrifice their careers for their kiddos. Even I took a career break to take care of my babies. But once, they are about 3-4 years, do find your feet and let them start doing things themselves! It is ok! Let them learn to be independent. In the meantime, you can also be an independent person by following your passion or career. Your kiddo is only going to be proud of you when they grow up.

Listen To Your Soul

Always love yourself. Never ever push your dreams under the rugs! You need to reach out to the stars and grab the stars. No need to settle for the moon! You deserve the best! Each one of you out there…are you someone who pushes aside your dreams for the sake of others? It is time to stop! Of course, you need to take care of your dear ones. But you also need to take care of the soul within you. Find your soul and speak to it! Your soul might have long long tales of dejection and sorrows to pour out to you. Just take a moment to listen to your soul!

What does your soul tell you? A dream career? A passion? Follow it! Do it!

It Is Never Too Late!

Another excuse I have often heard from my friends is that, “Oh, now what can I do? I wasted my whole life. Now it is too late to start!” No dear! It is never too late to start! You just need to have the passion and will to do it! Age is just a number on your birth certificate. Never let a mere number stop you from chasing your dreams. After all, it is always better to be late than never, right?

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Deepika NK says:

    You said it.
    Its a refelecting mirror of my life…yes we hardly care wht we eat wear or b with.
    Very well said yes Never too late to my 40s i started my kitchen even when many were making fun of my work by calling is xheap..but i went on n on as it was for me sewa.. service to those kids who r missin moms cooked.
    Well never too late..i m happy with my life.
    Awesome blog.


  2. Roshna Ikbal says:

    Too true… we belittle ourselves a lot.Looking out for more inspirational works chechi. 🙂


  3. Judith says:

    True.. so true. And funny about the debuting a juice chicken piece before the family.. ,😂


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